Sunday, July 31, 2011

My baby girl is 5!!!!!!

My little bug is 5! I can't believe it, it makes me so sad! She is super excited to start kindergarten and didn't even shed a tear when we went for her shots! She has found a new love in life.... Hip Hop! All she does all day is watch music videos and try to copy them. She is obsessed with the iPod, iPad, and her big earphones, she will climb up into the top of the closet and listen to music for hours! Her favorites right now are Willow Smith, Black Eyed Peas, and Usher! She will be taking a hip hop class at the studio this summer and could not be more excited. She told me the other day that she wants to be "Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas and she really likes the guy with the big mowhawk!" I think were in trouble!!!!! She wants to be just like her big sister and has to have all the same things, it annoys Mia to no end Hahaha sisterly love! She loves Kruz and is constantly bugging him too! The nick name "Bug" fits her well. She is way full of energy all the time which exhausts me but we love her anyways!
Her birthday falls into the busiest week of the year I feel like school ending, year end dance concert, dance auditions, birthday party.... I know there were more things just too overwhelmed to think of them all. So here she is on her actual birthday just a nice day at home with gifts and cake, now let the craziness begin!

May 30, 2011

Have a "Fantastick Mishen"...

My little brother got his mission call! He will be serving the Houston Texas mission. I am so proud of him for the person he is today he is a great brother and also he has the cutest girlfriend ever who has chosen to wait for him! Before it was time to go to my parents to have him open his call Mia wrote him the cutest letter about having a "fantastick mishen"! It was adorable I can't wait for her to read it in a few years so we can laugh about her cute spelling! We will miss him terribly while he is gone! Love you lots Elder Gray!
April 13, 2011
My computer is in the shop and has been for awhile now :( I hope to get it back sometime this week! I have been wanting to update but since I don't have my computer with my pictures I have not been able to. I am going to do a few posts with some pictures I have discs of but I am sure they will be out of order but better then nothing!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Our biggest edition this past year...

Well here he is... Kruz Hugo Arias.
The very end of Feburary 2010 we found out we were adding one more member to our family.
Kruz was born on October 22, 2010 at 7:45 a.m.
He weighed 7lbs. 1oz. 19 1/2" long.

Hugo really wanted a boy but I thought there is no way, I thought for sure we would have another girl. We were so anxious to find out we made a gender check ultrasound for the earliest possible appointment we could. Sure enough we found out we were having a little boy and to tell you the truth I was scared! All I know is girls pink and purple, barbies, princesses, dance class, makeup, nail polish, I could go on and on. Plus to be honest little boy clothes are sooooo ugly. As the months went on I got a little more used to the idea of having a boy but I was still scared!
We decided as soon as I found out I was expecting that this would be our last child and I would have my tubes tied. I told Dr. Gourley at my first appointment that we were done and he needed to take care of things! He just looked at me and laughed. My pregnancies with the girls were so easy for the most part I didn't even feel pregnant, Kruz however was another story. I was miserable 80% of my pregnancy with him. He sat really low to the point it felt like he was going to fall right out. I could go on and on about the pains and trials of being pregnant I will just say I counted down the days thinking this was the last time I would have to be pregnant! I was due on the 29th but knew I didn't want a Halloween baby so we scheduled my c-section for the 22nd the day before my birthday!
We seriously love this little man more than words, he is the sweetest baby and so stinking adorable I hear it all day long from multiple people just how adorable he is. He is now 7 months old and pushing 21lbs. He is huge I have been buying him 12mo size clothes for awhile now and starting to buy 18mo. I swear by his first birthday he will be in 2T! He is just starting to try to push up on all 4 he usually pushes up to hands and toes like a push-up position its so funny. He wants to be mobile so badly he gets so frustrated that he is not quite there yet.
Here are just a few pictures of him so get ready to fall in love...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm back!!!!

It's been over a year since I last posted and to tell you the truth time has gotten away from me! I felt that blogging had gotten to the point that I felt I needed to post what I thought everyone wanted to hear, borderline "keeping up with the Jones'"! Therefore I needed the break. After so long I kinda thought what's the point I have too much catching up to do so I had planned to delete my blog all together till last night I read my good friend Angi's blog and after I thought why do I care what others think, I really don't. So I thought about the purpose of blogging and why I had one and realized that I am getting older and I want to remember all the little things my kids do that make me smile, dates for certain events, milestones in our family so here I am, I'm back.
I am going to try to be real and not get caught up in trying to make things seem perfect when 90% of the time they are not. So in the next couple days I am going to try to do some small re-caps of events/milestones over this last year...

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Here are just a couple of pictures from the day, I made them pink heart pancakes for breakfast with purple milk. Then they changed into the new skirts I made for them with matching purses. The picture is really bad cause it was from my phone.
I am so happy to have these two little ones in my life, I love them sooooo much. I hope they had a fun Valentines day!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New years...

New years was great this year! We hung out at Steph and Victors house, ate, talked and played rock band! Eva had a blast with Andressa playing dress ups and tea party! Thanks for having us over Steph!

Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas was great this year...we spent the whole day at home just hanging out and playing with all of the girls new toys! Eva's favorite part was having her picture taken after she opened each gift!

I LOVE Eva's face in this picture!

This was all Mia kept asking for so she was obviously excited when she opened it!

This was the only thing Eva really asked for, thanks grandma and grandpa!!!

Perfect Christmas morning breakfast

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve...

We had everyone over to our house for Christmas Eve this year. First we had dinner and it was perfect then we decorated cookies opened jammies and just all hung out together it was a great night and the girls are really excited for the morning!!!

Trevin LOVES pictures...

Money from Grandma and Grandpa Winters!

Eva's cookies

Mia's cookies